// Includes the connection class file for further use.

class selectClass extends dbConnect{

// This class extends the dbConnect class from the dbConnect.php class file.
// This is needed to access the connection variable for further sql query.

public function selectFunction($id){

// This is the function which will select a row of data in the database uniquely identified by $id.
// For this the function takes $id as argument.

$query="select * from oop_table where".$id;

// Passing the sql query to the variable $query.


// In dbConnect.php class file, $con variable is set as an object of the readymade mysqli class.
// query is the fuction of this class which takes the sql query as the argument.

return $result->fetch_assoc();

// Returns $result as an associative array with id and name for the row identified by $id in the database.