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DNS stands for domain name system. It is a system which was established to access servers using domain names instead of IP addresses. Now, it serves other major purposes among which is the domain related email service.

DNS server configuration

  1. Go to server and select the Services tab
  2. Click on DNS
  3. Configure the DNS service as follows:

Here, we will use a domain packet.local to access the web server at

For this, we will add a DNS record with following details:

Name: packet.local

Type: A Record


Note: In DNS, A record is used to match a domain with an IPv4 address.

Now our DNS server is ready. In order to use this DNS service, we can use DHCP service to set the DNS server for the PCs as well.

  1. Go to DHCP service and update the DNS server as

  1. Go to PC, select Desktop tab and click on IP configuration. Click on static and then DHCP to request for DHCP service again. This time, the DHCP server shall also set the DNS server for the PC.

  1. To check if DNS service is available, click on any PC and open the web browser from the Desktop tab. Type the following address:


The previous web page shall load again.



nslookup is a network utility for performing DNS queries.

To use nslookup command, open any terminal or command prompt and type nslookup and press enter

To search for any specific DNS record such as A record type

set type=a

To ask a particular DNS server type:


Here, we are using Google's DNS server at to perform DNS queries. Finally, we can type a domain to check for its DNS records.

Non -authoritative answer means that the DNS servers did find the DNS records but are not the authoritative DNS servers for the domain under query.

The authoritative DNS servers for gov.np domains are:

  • mechi.nitc.gov.np
  • koshi.nitc.gov.np
  • bagmati.nitc.gov.np

We can ask mechi.nitc.gov.np for the MX record of mofaga.gov.np as follows:

We can say that the results obtained were authoritative answers as suggested by absence of the text non-authoritative answer.