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  • An IT professional possessing experience of 18 years along with a mix of strong technical skills, excellent presentation and documentation skills. 
  • Specializes in system administration preferably in GNU/Linux systems. 
  • Has in-depth experience of working with Drupal Content Management System. 
  • Has experience of working in the development sector for more than 6 years.
  • A quick learner who has no issues with learning about new technologies and possesses a problem solving attitude. 


Extensive knowledge and experience on:

Server Technologies

  • apache
  • nginx
  • mysql
  • mariadb
  • sqlite
  • samba
  • iredmail
  • zimbra
  • BIND

Scripting Technologies

  • php
  • mysql
  • html
  • css
  • python
  • jquery
  • MVC Framework
  • Object Oriented Programming

Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Raspbian
  • Windows
  • Mac OS


  • VMWare
  • Docker
  • VirtualBox


  • Cool Edit Pro
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • GIMP

Version Control

  • GIT


  • Geo data analysis with QGIS
  • Mobile Data Collection Tool (kobo toolbox)
  • Google Tools and Google Script
  • BASH
  • Raspberry PI
  • Microsoft Office

Data Science

  • Machine learning


  • Cisco Networking


Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible


Freelancer IT Consultant | January, 2021 - Present

Major achievements:

  • Trained government officials from provincial ministries and IT and e-governance experts from PLGSP on GNU/Linux System Administration.
  • Trained local government IT Officers from Karnali province on Drupal as a content management system.
  • Trained local government 109 IT Officers from Lumbini province on GNU/Linux System Administration.
  • Trained local government IT Officers from province 1, province 2, Bagmati province and Karnali province on following topics:
  1. Docker
  2. Drupal
  3. Cisco networking fundamentals using GNS as network simulator


  • Conducted 3 day training on Drupal for government officers from province ministries of province 1 and Bagmati province. 
  • Conducted 2 day training on Drupal for BICTE students of Janajyoti Multiple Campus, Lalbandi. 
  • Maintained security and performance of PLGSP’s Linux server used for running kobotoolbox.
  • Developed website for Madhesh Institute of Health Science.
  • Developed a web application for Covid Command Center of Province 2.

Assistant Lecturer | Girija Prasad Koirala Memorial Community College | April 2021-Present

Major responsibilities:

Conduct theoretical classes following Computer Fundamentals and Applications to students of BCA:

  1. Compute Architecture
  2. Operating System
  3. Compute Software
  4. Database Management System
  5. Data Communication and Computer Networking
  6. Internet, WWW and contemporary technologies


Conduct practical classes on following topics for BCA students:​​​​​​

  1. Linux Operating System
  2. Spreadsheets
  3. Word Processor
  4. Presentation
  5. Photo Editing

IT Systems Officer | Syntegrate | July 31 2020 - December 31, 2020

Major responsibilities:

  1. Data Center monitoring
  2. Cloud services delivery
  3. Design, configure and implement IT solutions
  4. Prepare documentation as lead documentation personnel
  5. Design of IT automation systems and applications
  6. Provide support to the Department of IT (DOIT) government cloud service.


Major achievements:

Participated in addressing the issues raised in DOIT government cloud security audit.

IT Consultant | UNDP Nepal | November 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

Duty Station: Provincial and Local Governance Support Programme (PLGSP), Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA)

Major responsibilities:

  1. Continuation of support to existing systems such as web servers, mail servers, database servers, official websites of local governments and provincial governments, local government profile survey server, mobile applications and GIS portal.
  2. Provide training on local government profile to local government officials.


Major achievements:

Trained government officers and local government IT officers of province 5 on tools and technologies for preparing local government profiles. Based on the training, various local governments were able to perform data collection for local government profile preparation.

ICT Coordinator | UN Volunteers Nepal | April 01, 2014 - October 31, 2019

Duty Station: Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCDP), Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA)

Major responsibilities:

  1. Provide technical support to the program coordination unit of LGCDP, ministry, regional IT experts, local government ICT Volunteers, IT Officers and government officials.
  2. Maintain coordination between various government organizations, service providers, vendors and ministry.
  3. Prepare various technical documentations regarding TOR, tutorials, training reports, etc.
  4. Conduct various capacity building trainings for ministry and local government officials along with ICT Volunteers and IT Officers.
  5. Design and develop new solutions for various needs of the programme and the ministry.


Major achievements:

  1. Configuration

    • Facilitated National Information Technology Center (NITC) regarding domain registration for all newly formed local governments.

    • Subscribed MoFAGA and all province ministries to government cloud service (gcloud) provided by the Department of Information Technology (DoIT).

    • Configured and maintained operating system, web server and database server in gcloud for new local government websites. 

    • Configured Kobo Toolbox software for data collection regarding local government profile.

    • Configured mail server for all 753 local governments along with other government organizations.

    • Developed GIS portal.

    • Configured file server in private network of LGCDP. 

    • Configured digital display system in MoFAGA.

  2. Web Development
    Developed websites for 753 local governments, provincial governments and various other  government organizations such as district development committees, lgcdp and mofaga.

  3. Content Management
    Managed content for MoFAGA and lgcdp’s official websites.

  4. Graphics Designing
    Designed brochure for UNV Nepal in English and Nepali.

  5. Documentation
    Prepared various documents for virtualization details, server setup details, server security and optimization details, website user manuals, video tutorials.
    Prepared TOR for local level websites.

  6. Maintenance
    Maintained security settings in web server and database server by applying various security measures against well known threats such as denial of service. Also maintained website update mechanisms.

  7. Reporting / Data Collection
    Designed survey forms for data collection from local levels using various tools such as google forms, kobocollect and custom survey forms. Prepared analytical reports in form of textual summary and GIS maps.

  8. Backstopping
    Provided tier 3 technical support to regional ICT Experts of LGCDP regarding local government websites, data portals, mobile apps and mail service. 

  9. Presentations/Training
    Provided training sessions on following technical topics to ICT volunteers, regional ICT experts, local level officials and government officials:

    • Drupal

    • Wordpress

    • Linux

    • GIT

    • Google Tools

    • PHP

Junior Executive | Kantipur Publications | May 16, 2004 - April 13, 2013

Major Responsibilities:

  • Manage content for, the official website for Kantipur Publications. This included working with content of Kantipur Daily, The Kathmandu Post, Nepal, Nari and Saptahik.
  • Perform video editing for news of Kantipur Television.
  • Perform audio editing for news of Kantipur FM.
  • Design and develop new web applications as per need.
  • Manage Google adwords for the website.
  • Provide technical backstopping support to office staff on a daily basis.


Major achievements:

  • Designed content management system for Nepal magazine based on PHP MYSQL, which was previously based on static html.


Master of Science in Computer Science | 2020

Nepal College of Information Technology, (NCIT), Kathmandu

Thesis: Healthcare vulnerability mapping using k-means++ algorithm and entropy method

Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering | 2011

Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, Kathmandu

Intermediate in Science | 2003

Vigyan Adhyayan Kendra, Janakpur


  • Database and automation in e-governance | 2016
  • Result Based Management in Local Governance | 2015
  • IT Infrastructure Training | 2015
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) | 2014
  • IT Security Audit Course based on Security Standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013 | 2014


Nagesh Badu


IT and e-Governance Specialist


Provincial and Local Governance Support Programme

Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration



Hari Guragain

Administrative Officer

Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration



Sudeep Shrestha

Chief Systems Integrator






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